Valentine Gnomes Searching for Homes

Why the Need to Create

Creating...for me it is something I have had the need to do for as long as I can remember. As a child I would dawn and paint, create one of a kind animals out of bars of Ivory soap (Much to my parent's dismay) and always I would write in a diary. As I have gotten older and am now living in the retirement years ...I understand how my need to create draws me closer to the Creator. I feel His peace and His presence when I am engrossed in whatever project I am choosing to work on for that day.

I love journaling my thoughts and I realize that creating something...whether it be a piece of art, a new gnome, earrings, using my Cricut to create cards or words on a shirt also is somewhat of a catalog of my days and of time in my life. Creating brings a semblance of balance to my life and helps me to process emotions in a way that brings me contentment and peace. 

So, with that being said I plan on writing more and sharing thoughts on here and also sharing items that I am selling on ETSY and also can be purchased through connecting with me on social media.


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