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Water the Seeds

My maternal grandmother was an excellent cook, loved to garden, crocheted rag rugs and just always kept her hands and heart busy. As a child I loved spending time with her and loved helping her out in the garden. She planted a lot of the vegetables from seed  and I loved watching them sprout. I loved when the vegetables finally appeared on the plants and we could bring them into the house to eat. Bob and I have tried gardening at various times in our lives and we have never quite had the success with it that our grandparents had.

This spring we planted a small garden mostly cucumbers and tomatoes and it has not been as bountiful as we had hoped. As I was outside the other day tying up some plants and pruning others that had become quite unruly it occurred to me that plants and shrubs just kind of do their own thing even when we aren't giving them proper attention. They just instinctively seem to know what to do. They spring forth from within their confines no one needs to tell them what or how...they just do it! 

We often live life outside of the confines we are meant to live in. We so often depend on other people or things to show us the way. We allow what others say about us to influence who God says we are. We live in an age where I think the "busyness" of life has become an excuse for not taking the time to grow and to flourish. We have become a "fast food" generation. Society wants us to believe that life and relationships will survive if we can get them packaged just right and when life slows down a bit the things we have tossed aside will be there waiting in the wings. With maturity comes wisdom and I know that isn't true. 

As I have watched our oldest grandson recuperate from eye surgery over the past two weeks I have witnessed a young man whose faith in God has not wavered. He has had discomfort, his vision is still quite blurry and he can't really do lots yet, but he does what he can without complaining. He has an inward approach to life and realizes he wants to be himself in a world telling him he should keep reaching for the brass ring. He loves photography and spent last Saturday at the Cross Fit box taking photographs of athletes who participated in a fund raiser. He has now spent the last few days editing them. Yes, it has been time consuming and he has to take lots of breaks so he can rest his eyes, but it is a labor of love for the man who the fund raiser was for.

I see Blake's confidence and that he truly is comfortable inches own skin. With or without perfect vision he has learned to trust he is who God says He is. For many years I was afraid to be my true self and it always left me feeling unfulfilled. I went through a long stretch of my life "painting the picture" someone else needed me to be. The call on my life to become a Life Coach and then too become a Director of a Crisis Pregnancy Center opened my eyes to God's true purpose for my life. Like the seeds my grandmother planted in the ground so many years ago, the seed God planted in my life manifested itself and allowed me to use the talents and gifts He blessed me with so I could in turn help others.

When we allow the "busyness" of our lives to take a back seat to what is truly important our lives will take on new meaning. For me writing, painting, creating , investing in relationships allows me to see Jesus in the often mundane of the daily. Taking time to savor the moments has allowed me to discover the life He desires for me to live. As life coach I often ask people if time and money were not a factor, what could you see yourself doing in this season of your life? Those dreams, those aspirations, those hopes are the seeds God plants in our hearts. And when we take the time to listen to those longings we often will find our truest selves.



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