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Lost But Now I'm Found

One of my favorite Christian songs is "Reckless Love" by Cory Asbury. As I sit here this morning thinking of that song I am reminded of a time when one of my children was lost and the feelings it evoked in me. I was pregnant with our third child and had gone to a local department store to buy some last minute items to bring our baby home in. I had taken our then two and a half year old with me and while I was at the counter to pay he got out of the stroller and vanished.

The sales woman I 'm sure saw the look of sheer panic on my face and the desperation in my eyes so started helping me search the baby department. You know the thoughts running through my head...he could be kidnapped, what if he got on the elevator or the escalator...I kept calling his name and no answer. In all honesty this was all in 5 minutes or less, but it felt like hours. Finally, I heard giggling from a clothing rack and there under lots of little girl party dresses was my son. 

For my son, Ryan it was a game and when I found him I was not happy with his timing for hide and seek, but my heart overflowed with thankfulness that I had found him and no harm had come to him. So many times we all lose our way and want to hide from the world and the pain we either bring on ourselves because of foolish choices or we allow the words of others to leave scars on our souls.

In Luke 15:11 we are told there was a man with two sons and the younger one wanted his share of the estate , so the father divided his property between both of his sons. The younger one set off for a distant country and squandered all of his money. He ended up getting a job feeding pigs and was often so hungry he would have eaten their food. Finally, he realized the seriousness of what he had done and decided to go home and offer his apology to his father. The father seeing his son coming ran to greet him and had a feast to celebrate his son's return. The older brother refused to attend the party because he felt he had been loyal and his father had never honored him in this way.

His father's response was this: "You my son are always with me and everything I have is yours. But we had to celebrate and be glad, because this brother of yours was lost and now he has been found." As a mother I can relate to this and as a child of God I am blessed to know that God will continue His pursuit of me and of you when we stray or lose our way. The enormity of His love, His restless pursuit of those He loves overwhelms me. 

In life I have left the comfort of the familiar and friends and family to live in new places. We moved from Massachusetts to New Hampshire and there from Florida to Tennessee and I have to admit it was easier when our children were young to change locations. We are thankful after months of searching we found a church home that we love and a small group that has been a huge blessing. But as I read my devotion this morning I realize I also need to pursue others who might be struggling int his season of life. Someone who may need a shoulder to cry on or a prayer or two. God's reckless amazing love for me and for you is amazing and while it is a blessing to be the recipient of His love and grace, it is far better to be the giver of it to others. Who can you bless today?