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Life Happens

So often in life I feel we just drift along waiting for the next thing to happen. In retirement it gets even more complicated as everyday can feel like a weekend. Sally Clarkson shared this quote on a podcast I recently listened to: "A wise woman takes care of her soul. And we do have agency. We have the ability to cultivate joy, to cultivate delight, to light a candle in our darkness so we can stay alive. we have the ability to roll up our sleeves and write a great story."

My days are often filled with the things I delight in at this stage of my life but I need to be cognoscente of the needs of my husband as well. I could easily stay holed up in my office/art space, but I know there are other ways to cultivate my soul as well.

Lately these are some of the ways I have agency"

I do light a candle...just bought a really nice one at TJ Maxx that I am loving!

I buy myself flowers at the grocery store...sometimes the hubby buys me them instead!

While I paint I listen to either my favorite Christian radio station or to a podcast...both nurture my soul.

Weather permitting a nice long walk on a scenic trail bless both my hubby and I.

Taking photographs of things that speak to my heart.

I write in a Gratitude Journal's something I started quite a few years ago after reading Ann Vocamp's "A Thousand Gifts."

And lastly I am trying to choose JOY daily no matter what the circumstances. 

What are some ways you can find agency?