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Loving Life

So very thankful to be living in the state of Tennessee and loving our life here so far. Some folks have asked why we moved from Florida and all that had been familiar for the past 34 years...leaving a state where most go to retire to. Bob and I moved our family to Florida in 1984 so he could take a position at a company that was located at the time in Longwood, Florida. We left behind family and friends in Massachusetts and New Hampshire to begin a new chapter in all of our lives. For me it was a difficult adjustment leaving behind all that was familiar, a job I loved and friends who had become like family, but God had a plan for our lives and I trusted Him. 

I only asked one thing of Bob...and that was when he retired that we would one day again live somewhere we could experience seasons once again. I did not want to go back to the cold and snow of New England, but I wanted to live somewhere where we could see leaves change color and be outdoors more. I had been to Chattanooga years ago with a friend and had fallen in love with it then. I loved seeing mountains all around and just the sheer natural beauty of God's beautiful earth. 

Four plus years ago our middle son accepted a job in Nashville and moved his family to an area just outside Nashville and every time we came to visit I fell more in love with TN. When Bob officially over a year ago set a date (which he moved a few times) I again reiterated that I wanted to move...several places I had in mind and we just began praying that God would open the doors and lead us. We came to Chattanooga over a year ago now with our daughter, son-in-law and grandsons and we all loved the area and began working with a Realtor at that time. Our daughter, her mother-in-law and I came back in October and once again we all felt it was where we wanted to live out this next chapter. 

We put our Florida house on the market in April . it sold within 3 days and then Bob retired on April 21st. Two days later we had our daughter drive us to the airport in Sanford to pick up a rental car so we could drive to Chattanooga. While saying good-bye my hubster got a bit teary eyed and our daughter made a last minute decision to come with us. We spent 3 full days after we got here looking at houses. We had found one we were ready to put an offer on when the Realtor told us there was a house that had just come on the market in a subdivision our daughter and I had fallen in love with...did we want to look at it. Well, we decided we might as well even though our daughter and her family had planned on staying in Florida for another year.

We came and looked at the house we ended up buying...ironically, the front of our home faces the home in this subdivision that we had originally fallen in love with. Our daughter called her husband, they both talked to the boys and decided they would make the move now as well and so we bought this beautiful home together. I never in my life thought this would be how this season in our lives would be, but I couldn't be happier.

Yes, there have been some adjustments for all of us despite the fact all we really have to share is a kitchen. We have an entire floor to ourselves, our two grandsons have their "man cave" and I believe it affords all of us the privacy we all need to have, but also gives us time to share life in meaningful ways. I love that we are getting outdoors more often, love hiking and seeing all the beauty that surrounds us daily. We are able to see our son and his family more often and that has truly been a bonus as well. 

Bob is adjusting to retirement...he finds things to do everyday and loves seeing the steps add up on his Fitbit every day. We thank God for this time together and look forward to creating many new memories.  IMG_1684