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Five Minute Fridays

The goal is to write for 5 minutes on an assigend topic on here goes. The topic is afraid. As I sit here and write this afternoon I am reminded that fear is not from the is always from the enemy who wants to see us doubt ourselves.

I have been taking Art lessons for a few months and can remember being afraid to actually commit to signing up. As a child I took art lessons and loved them and can't ever remember worrying whether anyone actually thought I had any talent or not. As an adult, however I was judging myself. I can remember thinking one day, "what makes you think you have any talent?"

I have come to the realization that even if I don't possess any real talent...even if no one ever wants to hang one of my paintings in their home I am enjoying the process and that really is all that matters. It is something that I am doing that is purely for my own enjoyment. I can go to my class and become totally absorbed in what I am doing and lose all track of time.

This afternoon I am going over to the home of a local artist where I am taking acrylic painting classes from for an "Open Art" class and am so looking forward to it. I love being able to experiment with colors and to paint something that brings me pleasure and as I have relaxed and enjoyed the process I realize I am no longer afraid.

What is one thing that you are "afraid of" that you can step out in faith and do today?


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